Please Note: Should you want to pay by instalments and require the additional options their cost will be paid in advance. Payments by instalments are subject to a cumulative interest charge of 6% - The 1st year is interest free.


The Opel plan permits cremation in Spain. Should you require a burial then the company contributes a sum equal to the cost of the cremation to the burial costs. If there are additional costs for the grave plot these must be paid at the time. Choose a plan that suits your service requirements. The following services are included within the plan price:


 · Administration of plan

 · The funeral directors professional services

 · Removal from place of death to funeral directors premises within

  · Care of deceased for visit by family & friends 

  · Mortuary expenses - two days included

  · Supply of a wood veneer coffin suitable for cremation

  · Robe and fittings

  · Hearse on the day of the funeral to crematorium/cemetery 


    . Provision of necessary staff

  · Cremation fees & doctors certificates

  · Provision of a basic urn

  · All legal documents necessary for the funeral to take place

  · Advice to executors relating to registration & documentation