Lost or Frozen Pensions

We will provide a Free and impartial service to help locate your lost pensions and understand what you can do with them. It's very easy to lose track of your pensions, and after years of working hard - losing track of your pension is an inconvenience and we don't all have the time to keep track of our policies which means losing your pension is easier than ever.
There are multiple ways that could make you either lose or forget about your pension, such as moving overseas.

We're here to help
You've been busy working hard, and you may have just lost track. Maybe you moved overseas or simply didn't notice when the letters stopped arriving in the post. Life happens, your pension got lost -- and it's not going to come looking for you. Tracking down a forgotten or lost pension shouldn't be so complicated. While there are many reasons why your pension has gone astray, what's important is that it's recovered.

We will conduct an initial search to locate where your pension may be, however to confirm this we need your written authorisation.
We will write out to various pension providers to locate your lost pensions.Once we have located your pensions we will report back everything that we have found.