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Your Personal FX

There are many reasons to send money abroad; property purchase or sale, emigration and regular payments to fund mortgages or school fees are amongst many. Alternatively, you may just have a one-off transfer to make, or need to send money home. Whatever the reason is for sending money abroad, the only consistent thing amongst these is that the major banks will not treat your money as though it is your own.

Here at Axia FX you will get a hands-on service offering you all of the right information when you need it. Your Account Manager will discuss your personal circumstances with you from day one to ensure you have a contract type that suits you. If you are making a large payment, like purchasing an overseas property, you can fix your exchange rate in advance which will protect your money from currency fluctuations. Whatever route your money takes, we are here at all times; at Axia we understand the needs of people who may be unfamiliar with the complexities of the financial markets and are here to answer all of your questions.

We can process all of your international payments quickly and with ease, making sure you have the benefit of a better exchange rate than your bank, therefore guaranteeing to save you money on all of your overseas transfers.